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First we separate the food waste from its packaging. Then we process it through our anaerobic digestion plant to convert it into clean energy and organic fertiliser. Meanwhile the packaging is sorted by material and recycled.

Yes. If the packaging is recyclable (cardboard, metal, glass and most plastics) we recycle it. We’re the only food waste destruction company in the UK that is able to do this.

Prices start from £5 per pallet plus haulage. Also if you are a new customer we’ll process your first consignment for free (minimum 10 pallets or 5 metric tons of food waste suitable for anaerobic digestion).

Yes we do, or if you prefer, you can arrange delivery yourselves.

Anaerobic digestion is a process whereby food waste is broken down by bacteria to create gas and a liquid called digestate. We use the gas to generate electricity, and the digestate is pasteurised to become organic fertiliser.

Pretty much everything, including commercial food waste, agricultural waste, DAF sludge, waste oil and fat and category 3 animal by-products.

Yes, we take food waste on pallets, bulk trailers, skips, Ro-Ros, dolavs, pellecons, liquid tankers and stand trailers.

When we handle and destroy your food waste we do so in a timely manner, within a secure environment. Any packaging is rendered completely unrecognisable before it is recycled.

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